2023, it’s (nearly) a wrap.

2023, it’s (nearly) a wrap.

So 2023 is almost at an end and we all wait with bated breath as to what 2024 will bring for the UK Vape Community. It’s not looking too bright in all honesty with the Government deciding they want to crackdown on us all and the public consultation now closed, who knows where we will all be this time next year. 

Anyways, enough doom and gloom, let’s look forward to happier things. Vaper Expo May 2024 dates are announced, 10th, 11th and 12th back at the NEC, Birmingham. Unfortunately me and Lizzie are on Holiday until the 10th so will miss the build day on the 9th but we are talking to another popular UK e-liquid maker and possibly might be attending with a shared stand on the 11th and 12th! More on that closer to the date but really don’t want to miss an Expo after how much fun the previous ones have been.

Next month will see the launch of a brand new e-liquid from us. No spoilers yet I’m afraid but this is one that has been requested numerous times and we’ve spent a number of months working to get it just right. I’m actually Vaping it as I type and I’m enjoying it! I’m sure there will be other releases throughout 2024…watch this space.

As mentioned at the beginning, 2024 is bound to be a year of change for Vaping in the UK. Let’s all hope we see some sensible and common sense decisions from the Government (you, stop laughing at the back).

A quick recap of 2023 for LegioX… it’s been great! Both Vaper Expos were great, good fun was had and we met many brilliant people. A lot of LegioX E-Liquid is finding it’s way out into the wild, either from us or numerous shops and websites such as VapeGems and Matts Vape Shop.

In November we launched our Christmas Limited Edition e-liquid, Brumalia. This has proven to be quite a hit with a lot of bottles finding new homes. We have a very small amount left so I reckon it will be all gone by December 25th.

Probably our biggest success and a particular point of pride was receiving 3 nominations for the annual E-Cig Click Awards! Thank you so much to everyone who nominated us and everyone who voted for us in the Best UK Brand Category, Best Fruit E-Liquid (Amalfi Lemon) and Best Dessert E-Liquid (Roseus). At the time of writing this the winners haven’t been announced yet but I was gobsmacked just to receive a nomination, let alone in 3 different categories! 

I want to make a special mention to Gaz (FlatCap Vaper) and his new product the AttyStack which also received a nomination. I have two AttyStacks and they are great for keeping everything neat, tidy and organised. He definitely deserved that nomination.

In all honesty, it’s been such a busy year that this short piece could go on forever so I’ll leave it at a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us this year, whether it be grabbing some e-liquid or hardware, messaging us for a chat, reviewing any of our e-liquids or being a friend. Me and Lizzie appreciate each and everyone of you.

See you in 2024.


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