About us

LegioX Vape started in 2019 as my hobby supplying small batch E-Liquids to independent Vape Shops and websites.

I began Vaping back in 2009/2010 when Eliquids were not readily available. Due to this, I began making my own Eliquid at home for myself and my family.

I have worked for several Eliquid manufacturers designing new liquids for them and producing their own brands. I have also worked in a retail shop supplying Eliquids and Vaping devices which gave me a strong focus towards customer service and care. This also allowed me to learn what flavours were popular and what price people felt comfortable at.

I took this combined experience and decided it was time to start supplying Eliquid to you directly through LegioXVape.com and expanding the range of Eliquid I offered.

The website launched in March 2022. We are a small, independent company run by myself and, rather unwillingly, my wife. This gives us a more personal touch to everything we do.

All my Eliquids are made from scratch using individual flavours and can take months of experimenting to get the perfect finish. I believe it’s this attention to detail and fine tuning that will make LegioX Eliquids stand out.

LegioX translates to 10th Legion, one of Julius Caesars favoured Legions. I’ve always been a bit of a Roman History buff and I felt I wanted to combine two of my passions. 

Thank you for reading.

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