Collection: LegioX Eliquids

Welcome to our LegioX Shortfill & Longfill E-Liquids.

Each flavour contains options for bottle sizes between 100ml Shortfill, 50ml Shortfill, 40ml Longfill for 6mg Vapers or 30ml Longfill for 10mg Nicotine Salt Vapers.

All our E-liquids are handcrafted over many months using some of the finest flavours available in the world. It was a labour of love creating all the juices you will see below with a high attention to detail from how the different notes of the E-liquid react on your tastebuds to ensuring that our e-liquids won’t be burning out your coil too quickly.

Whether you’re a dessert Vaper drawn to our best selling E-Liquid, Roseus Custard, prefer you’re E-Liquid on the fruity side and fancy trying our Amalfi Lemon or Hispania Blueberry or you’re a traditional tobacco Vaper looking at RY4 Calamellus, we have something to suit every taste.

LegioX Eliquids