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Bespoke White Label Custom E-Liquids | Old Favourites

Bespoke White Label Custom E-Liquids | Old Favourites

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Over the years, we have found that some of our discontinued E-Liquids still have a following and we hate to disappoint!

The solution? Our new collection of personalised E-Liquids for bespoke orders.

We have always been community focused and our numerous experiences in the Ohm Zone at Vaper Expo have shown us that the community is very much alive and kicking!

These White Label E-Liquids are just a small way of giving a little back to that community and encouraging people to talk to us about what they want to see.

All the listed E-Liquids are made to order so please understand there may be a slight delay in shipping any orders containing these White Label E-Liquids.

If you have any bespoke requests whether it be flavours or volume in E-Liquid bottles to create custom strengths using Nicotine Shots, please e-mail us and we will work with you to see what we can do.

Current “Ready to go” Range :-

Strawberry Watermelon - Mix of Juicy Strawberries and a mouthwatering watermelon.

Strawberry Peach - Combination of tart and tangy peach with fresh strawberries.

Teutoburg - Dark Forest berries combined with a anise.

Bulla Gum - The classic 2p bubblegum flavour, one for those with a sweet tooth. 

Size Ratio Nicotine Best for
100ml 70/30
2x Nicotine Shots = 120ml 3mg Higher Wattage Direct to Lung Vaping
50ml 60/40
1x Nicotine Shot = 60ml 3mg Restricted Direct to Lung and Pod System Mouth to Lung
40ml 50/50
2x Nicotine Shot = 60ml 6mg Pod System Mouth to Lung


Nicotine Shot Required - available separately

Help understanding Nicotine Shots

Made in Nottingham, UK 🇬🇧

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