Help & Advice

What is a Shortfill or Longfill?


A Shortfill is an e-liquid bottle that isn’t full. We leave a small amount of space so you can add a nicotine shot of your choosing to customise the liquid to your own tastes or needs. A Longfill is exactly the same but we leave a little more room for different number of nicotine shots allowing for a higher total nicotine strength.


What is a Nicotine Shot?


A nicotine shot is what you add to a Shortfill bottle to get the desired nicotine strength or custom flavour. A 100ml Shortfill E-Liquid has an extra 20ml of capacity to add two nicotine shots that would make 120ml of 3mg E-Liquid. A 50ml Shortfill bottle has an extra 10ml capacity to add a nicotine shot, using an entire nicotine shot would make that liquid 3mg (0.3%) in nicotine strength with 60ml of complete liquid. A 40ml Longfill bottle is 40ml of E-Liquid in a 60ml bottle, adding two nicotine shots creates 60ml of E-Liquid at 6mg nicotine strength. A 30ml Longfill bottle, when combined with three salt nicotine shots, will give you 10mg (1%) nicotine strength and 60ml of complete liquid. We provide nicotine shots in 5 different varieties.


  • 50pg/50vg
  • 70vg/30pg
  • 100vg
  • Ice
  • Salt


Won’t that make the flavour weaker?


Not the way we do things. All our 100ml & 50ml Shortfills are over flavoured by 20%, our 40ml Longfills are over flavoured by 50% and our 30ml Longfills are double flavoured. This means you don’t lose any flavour at all. If you decide not to use a full nicotine shot for less nicotine, you’ll actually have a stronger flavour.


What do the different Nicotine Shots do?


They allow you to customise the liquid to suit your personal tastes or to run correctly in the device you have. 

A 100vg nicotine shot will make your liquid thicker. This will reduce the “throat hit” making the liquid smoother. You would need a Direct to Lung device to see the benefits and it may reduce coil life on Mouth to Lung devices.


A 50pg/50vg will do the opposite, it thins the liquid increasing the “throat hit”. This option works best on Mouth to Lung devices and may cause leaking on Direct to Lung devices.


Ice is exactly what is says, it adds an iced, cool effect to any liquid. We would only recommend Ice with fruit flavour liquids. These shots work with both a Direct to Lung or Mouth to Lung Devices.


Salt is a different method of processing the nicotine at manufacturing. It eliminates the throat hit making the liquid very smooth and is a great option for Mouth to Lung Vapers wanting a very smooth Vape with no throat hit.


Mouth to Lung? Direct to Lung? Throat hit? What?


There are two basic types of Vape devices, mouth to lung and direct to lung. These explain the way you inhale on the device. Generally direct to lung are more powerful, produce more vapour and you inhale straight back into your lungs,


Mouth to lung better replicates smoking and is generally much lower powered and produces less vapour. You inhale first into your mouth then take a breath to pull the vapour down to your lungs.


Throat hit is a term used to describe the feeling you get on the back of your throat when you inhale the vapour. This is very subjective and different people experience it in different ways, some enjoy throat hit, some hate it. It’s very personal. Throat hit is generally caused by higher nicotine levels and a higher PG content in liquid.


Where can I learn more or get help? 

You can contact us at or alternatively join our Facebook group and we will be more than happy to talk you through your options and what will work best for you.