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Dulcis Grape - Black Grape & Red Grape Shortfill E-Liquid

Dulcis Grape - Black Grape & Red Grape Shortfill E-Liquid

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Craving a grape escape so real, you can taste the sunshine? Dulcis Grape e-liquid invites you to a vineyard in a bottle, where bursts of juicy black and red grapes swirl in a symphony of pure flavour.


    • Plump, sun-kissed grapes exploding on your tongue: We haven't just captured the taste, we've bottled the experience. Each puff delivers a wave of fresh, juicy sweetness, like biting into the ripest grape on the vine.
    • A secret-infused twist that elevates the ordinary: Our signature blend isn't just grapes. We've woven in a touch of magic, a whisper of something special that sets Dulcis Grape apart from the crowd. 
    • An all-day vape that never gets old: Light enough for extended sessions, Dulcis Grape keeps your taste buds entertained with every puff. It's like a vacation for your palate, never cloying, always satisfying.

Want a touch of frosty fun? Infuse your Dulcis Grape with an Iced Nicotine Shot. The refreshing coolness perfectly complements the grapey sweetness, creating an irresistible concoction that will leave you reaching for another bottle.

    • Real grape explosion: Forget cheap, artificial tasting flavours, this is nature's bounty bottled, bursting with juicy goodness.
    • The secret weapon: Our unique blend adds a captivating depth that will keep you guessing (and coming back for more).
    • All-day vaper's dream: Light and satisfying, perfect for extended vaping sessions without overpowering your palate. 
    • Icy twist delight: Add a dash of coolness for a refreshing grape experience that's simply irresistible.

Ready to pamper your palate with pure grape bliss? Order your bottle of Dulcis Grape e-liquid today.

Described as Soul Ohm Review as “Blooming Cracking”.

Size Ratio Nicotine Best for
100ml 70/30 2x Nicotine Shots = 120ml 3mg Higher Wattage Direct to Lung Vaping
50ml 60/40 1x Nicotine Shot = 60ml 3mg Restricted Direct to Lung and Pod System Mouth to Lung
40ml 50/50 2x Nicotine Shot = 60ml 6mg

Pod System Mouth to Lung

30ml 50/50 3x Nicotine Salt Shots = 60ml 10mg Pod System Mouth to Lung

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Made in Nottingham, UK 🇬🇧

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