E-Liquids. What is steeping?

E-Liquids. What is steeping?

A question we hear fairly regularly is “How long should I leave E-Liquid to steep?”

This is a tricky question with no hard and set rules but first I’ll explain what steeping an E-Liquid actually means and how to do it correctly.

Steeping is the process which allows the flavours in your vape juice to develop and blend overtime, think of it like aging a Scotch Whisky but without the giant barrels. The most important thing to remember is steeping will not occur until you’ve added your nicotine shot, if you never add a nicotine shot, steeping will never start and what you taste on the first puff is all it will ever taste like.

If you are using nicotine, the flavours will react and bind to the nicotine molecules overtime, this can alter the flavour of the e-liquid as it “ages”. You may also notice the liquid becomes darker or golden in colour, this is perfectly normal with steeping.

How to steep e-liquid?

Basically, time! You will read all sorts of witchcraft and wizardry to speed up the steeping process but the most effective and sure fire way is time. Add your nicotine, give it a very good shake then store out of direct sunlight. That’s it.

Does steeping alter the taste of my vape juice?

Yes and no. I know that doesn’t help much but hear me out. As a general rule, custards, creams and dessert e-liquids will change noticeably overtime where as fruit e-liquids don’t. As I said this is a very general rule and certainly doesn’t apply to every vape juice ever made. As an example, take our own Britannia Custard, as a custard it should require a long steep time but it doesn’t, Britannia Custard tastes very similar whether you vape straight away after adding your nicotine and giving it a shake or vape it 2 years later, I’ve found this from experience. This is very deliberate on my part as I know how frustrating it can be getting a new e-liquid then waiting weeks for it to steep. Britannia Custard was designed to be good immediately along with every other LegioX E-Liquid we make.

Fruit E-Liquids as I mentioned don’t require aslong a steep, this is due to the more simplistic nature of fruit Vape juices.

As with all flavours, taste is very subjective (Yes, yes, that old cliche but it’s true!) so some people will demand their e-liquid has months of steeping where as the next person may love it straight away, the only way to tell is to try it!

I hope you found this brief little guide helpful and as always if you have any questions, feel free to contact us on Social Media or Contact@LegioXVape.com

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