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Well, where do we start? It’s been an interesting first 2 months since the website launched with a lot happening both for LegioX and myself and Lizzie.


For those who didn’t know, I was involved in a fairly serious motorcycle accident only 3 weeks after the website launched, I ended up in hospital needing surgery. This obviously caused some issues with LegioX in the background as I wasn’t even able to walk let alone do the day to day tasks that were needed. Thankfully I have an amazing wife who took care of all the social media and any messages and good friends at Manabush who ensured that all your orders went out on time. I owe more than a few beers when I’m next able to get to a pub!


I also need to say a huge thank you to absolutely everyone who sent me messages of support, a friendly chat or just made me laugh! It really did help.


Thankfully on the mend now so on that note, let’s move onto some site news.


LegioX has been going now for 2 months and I’ve loved every second of it. Finding my favourite part is talking to you lot, I’m a Vaper first and foremost so being able to talk with people about my hobby is a dream. I really do enjoy every message or email that comes through so please keep it up.


We released two new liquids with Teutoburg and Roseus Custard. Teutoburg started as an idea with a friend when we were discussing old vape juice we missed, he mentioned Snake Oil and challenged me to make a tribute to it. Made numerous different versions and we tried them all between ourselves before deciding that Teutoburg was the best.


Roseus Custard is a liquid I’ve made for nearly a year for myself and Lizzie. We both love Rhubarb eliquids but find a lot of the Rhubarb & Custards eliquids available were abit too sweetie style. Roseus was more a stewed rhubarb smothered in custard, much more up our street. Wanted to launch it with the website but one key flavouring was in very short supply and we just couldn’t get it. Finally a small amount became available so we grabbed it instantly and Roseus was born.


Moving forward there are several new vape devices coming soon that we are extremely interested in and hope to be able to offer to you on the site, aswell as them using ourselves. I’m constantly working on new vape juice with several strong possibilities but no certainties just yet. 


I’m always interested in peoples ideas for flavours so if anyone has an idea they would like to see tried, just drop me a message, willing to try anything and if I think it works well, I’ll always send you out a bottle to try.


Thank you all for reading and Once we have some more news, I’ll let you all know.

Chris & Lizzie.


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