Politics & Vaping - Who wants what?

Politics & Vaping - Who wants what?

With the General Election due this week on the 4th July, thought I’d just write this quick piece about every viable Political Parties position on Vaping and its future in the UK.

So let’s start with the current Government, 

The Conservatives :-

We all saw the debacle that Sunak and the Conservatives created around vaping with their pandering to the MumsNet brigade and Sunaks personal vendetta.

Basically the Conservatives want heavy restrictions including a flavour ban and the price of products to increase exponentially. They also want to create mountains of red tape for businesses within the Vaping industry. Fortunately their Bill was dropped after the General Election was announced but it is a certainty that will be revived and forced through if they gain power again. Conservatives in name only, they want to tax you more, limit your freedom of choice as adults and ignore legitimate scientific advice.


Labour :-

Initially supported the Conservatives legislation but, probably after seeing the petitions and backlash, seem to have softened their approach. This is directly from Labours own website -

Labour will stop children and young people being exposed to the harmful effects of tobacco and vaping by: 

  • Legislating for a progressive ban on smoking, so the next generation are not addicted.
  • Making all hospital trusts integrate ‘opt-out’ smoking cessation interventions into routine care, with a named lead on smoking cessation, so parents have all the support they need to quit. 
  • Clamping down on underage vaping by banning vapes from being branded and advertised to appeal to children. 

However, we also need to be very mindful as they will still introduce legislation though their focus seems to be more advertising and branding which, I’m inclined to agree, does need some reform.

“Labour will “come down like a ton of bricks” on the vaping industry if Rishi Sunak does not “pull his finger out” and introduce regulations, Wes Streeting has said.”

Labour are a risk, but they are making the right noises without being committed.


Reform UK :-

The new kids on the block haven’t mentioned vaping at all in their manifesto so it’s hard to gauge an opinion or any potential legislation. Nigel Farage, the Reform leader, is a current smoker and has described vaping as “remarkable” and states “I could quit with these” when discussing smoking and vaping. Making the right noises so far.

When discussing general sweeping bans and legislation he also believes they don’t work and states that “adults should be free to make their own decisions”.

Without going into anything else with Reform and focussing purely on vaping, it looks like Reform would be inclined to maintain the status quo and avoid any heavy handed legislation, bans or restrictions.


Liberal Democrats:-

Seem to be taking a similar approach to Labour, this is from Liberal Democrats website,

“Tackle vaping and smoking among children with standardised packaging, advertising restrictions and banning disposable vapes. Reduce vaping among non-smokers, while recognising the important role vaping plays in helping adults quit smoking.”

So, as with labour, noncommittal, talking about branding and advertising but unlike the Conservatives, staying well clear of calling on Flavour Bans.


SNP :-

A party happy to follow the Conservative line. They want heavy restrictions of advertising and branding, a disposable ban but have also talked in 2022 about flavour bans. As with all the parties mentioned so far except Reform, they are pushing this under the guise of “Think of the Children” without any mention to the impact on Adults and their freedom of choice.


Greens :-

No mention of vaping in their manifesto but they heavily supported a disposable ban based on the environmental impact and, again, “Think of the Children”. It is worth noting though that previously the Scottish Greens have called for a complete flavour ban in 2023.


Thats it in a nutshell. The General Election takes place on the 4th July. Get out and vote otherwise you’ll lose any right to complain about whoever we get in the end.


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