Run up to Vaper Expo October 2023

Run up to Vaper Expo October 2023


Run up to Vaper Expo October 2023.

So we’ve gone and done it, we are all booked in to exhibit again at The Vaper Expo 2023 at the NEC in Birmingham, we are just suckers for punishment. If you have read our previous review blog from Vaper Expo May 2023, you’ll understand that last part so much better.

Myself and Lizzie were very much on the fence about attending in October, the last one drained us but had many up sides to go along with it. After chatting between ourselves and talking to others like Neil at Infernal E-Liquids (who will also be attending in October, go check them out), a decision was made and an e-mail was sent to Vaper Expo booking a stand.

So what will be different this time around? Well first things first, we are on our own! In May we shared a stand with the lovely Stu and Liz from Vapesmarter Mods. In October though, due to the new layout of the Ohm Zone, we are all by ourselves. The new layout is separating all the different parts of Vaping into individual areas so E-Liquid makers get their own section, mod makers have their own section and there is a section for the talented coil makers. This makes a lot of sense to us and made sense that Vapesmarter will want to be with the Modders and us with the E-Liquid makers. No doubt I’ll still spend too much time at the Vapesmarter stand though with my nose pressed to the glass looking at all the shiny mods, kid in a candy shop!

We learnt a lot from Expo May 2023. The main thing I learnt was Lizzie was right with nearly every suggestion she made and I was wrong so, this time around, Lizzie will be designing the layout of the stand and telling me exactly what I need to be ordering in. New banners, new table toppers, new menu cards, all of these and more are on the to-do list so it’s going to be a busy few months.

I’ve also decided that October is the time I want to introduce something I’ve wanted to do for ages, Limited Edition E-Liquids. I’m not going into too much detail here but already have a few ideas lined up and I’m quite excited! One of the Limited Editions I’m already Vaping myself regularly, I love it!

For all those who met our glamorous assistant Craig in May, I’m delighted to announce he will be helping us out again! Craig is the God Father of the Vaping world and we are looking forward to catching up with him again over the Expo weekend. We will also have a couple of special guests, Andy W (I did say special…) will no doubt be milling around showing off his Andreas E-Liquid,  as well as numerous other friends we’ve made over the years.

There is a billion and one other things we need to organise and prepare for but for now, I’m going to wrap this up. No doubt I’ll be creating other posts over the coming months to let you all know how things are coming along and what is going disastrously wrong or maybe.. just maybe… going right.


Thanks everyone!



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Looking forward to seeing and sampling all the juices at expo!

Ben M

As I don’t have a stall per sae I will most definitely be aiding and abetting Craig and Lizzie on the stall. Looking forward to catching up with everyone. I might even bring a few products to sell😎

See you all in OCTOBER!!!!

Andy W

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