UK Flavour Ban | Sign the Petition

UK Flavour Ban | Sign the Petition

A short and bitter one today, more of a follow on from my previous post here.

The UK Government are steam rolling ahead with their proposed legislation to decimate E-Liquid and Vaping in the UK, potentially harming millions of people by forcing them back to tobacco products and destroying hundreds of small businesses with the swipe of a pen. If you want to get your voices heard, now is the time. Don’t wait until the legislation reaches Parliament, it’s too late by then.

Write to your local MP, I have. Talk to people about the ban. Splash it all over Social Media. Create a storm but the big one you can do to help, which will take 5 seconds of your time…


This is a direct petition to the UK Government and could make all the difference to your freedom of choice.

Please remember to check your e-mail after signing to confirm.

Thank you.

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