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Infinite Modz

Hyperion - 21700 Side Fire Mech Tube Mod by Infinite Modz

Hyperion - 21700 Side Fire Mech Tube Mod by Infinite Modz

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Unleash the Power & Personalize Your Vape: The Infinite Modz Hyperion Mech Tube Mod

Elevate your vaping experience with the Hyperion, a premium, side-fire mech tube mod by Infinite Modz. These bad boys are meticulously crafted from high-quality aluminium. Looking for something different? Check out Infinite Modz's other offerings!

Here's why vapers love the Hyperion:

  • Light and durable: Due to these special Hyperions being constructed from high grade aluminium the weight comes in at a staggeringly low 53g making this Hyperion one of the lightest in the world.
  • Uncompromising Performance: Experience the raw power and satisfaction of a true mech vape with the Hyperions hard-hitting output.
  • Premium, Built-to-Last Quality: Infinite Modz is renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship. The Hyperion features individual, custom resin sleeves (Option available to change), a comfortable side-fire bar for easy use, and a 99.7% pure copper negative and positive contact for exceptional conductivity. (Psst... I use mine all the time!)
  • Unveiling the Power in Style: The Hyperion arrives in a stunning custom engraved hard case, making it a perfect gift (or a luxurious treat for yourself!).

Calling all mech vape enthusiasts and those seeking a truly customizable vaping experience! The Infinite Modz Hyperion awaits.

28mm Diameter on Blue/Green Sleeve

25mm Diameter Smoked/Gold & Deep Purple Sleeves.

21700 Battery Required.

Please note this is a Fully Mechanical Device and designed for people with a strong understanding of Ohms Law and battery safety. This is not a starter device.

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