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Infinite Modz

Orion Copper - 21700 Mech Tube Mod by Infinite Modz

Orion Copper - 21700 Mech Tube Mod by Infinite Modz

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Own a One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece: The Orion Copper 21700 Mech Tube by Infinite Modz

Become a vaping connoisseur with the Orion Copper 21700 Mech Tube by Infinite Modz. This limited edition (1 of 1) mech mod is a true collector's item, meticulously handcrafted in Mexico City. The stunning custom powder coated finish adds a touch of personalisation to this powerful device.

Unparalleled Performance Meets Exquisite Design

Engineered for both performance and beauty, the Orion Copper boasts a comfortable 28mm diameter and a user-friendly side fire design. Constructed from high-quality copper with 99.7% pure copper contacts, this mech mod delivers unmatched conductivity and exceptional power. Experience the difference a true mech mod can make in your vaping journey.

A Collector's Dream

The Orion Copper is more than just a vape device; it's a conversation starter and a symbol of your discerning taste. This rare mech mod is perfect for experienced vapers seeking a unique and powerful vaping experience.

  • Copper Construction/Powder Coated.
  • 99.7% Pure Copper Contacts
  • 28mm Top
  • 80mm Height

Requires 21700 Battery.

Please note this is a Fully Mechanical Device and designed for people with a strong understanding of Ohms Law and battery safety. This is not a starter device.

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